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At MIDMAC, we specialize in providing state-of-the-art fleet maintenance and capacity building services for super-structure and special-purpose vehicles. Our wide range of services are tailored to our customers’ specific needs. We offer outstanding repair and maintenance services, using the latest diagnostic tools and technologies, allowing your fleet to go that extra mile.

Whether you need to acquire or maintain special fleet vehicles, MIDMAC offers a complete range of programs and fleet vehicle services designed to help get the most out of your fleet while always staying focused on reducing the total cost of ownership.

MIDMAC has the expertise and technology to ensure your fleet vehicles do the job right so that driver productivity stays high and vehicle costs stay low. And when your needs suddenly change, our vehicle experts are there to help you adapt your fleet every step of the way.




Our employees are the engine that drives our business, so we invest heavily in hiring, training, developing and supporting the best people in the industry.

Our management team is backed by decades of industry experience and focuses on maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of our customers’ vehicles.

On the other hand, our technical team is composed of industry experts and fully trained and certified technicians and supervisors who understand your vehicles inside out.


To become the fleet operations partner of choice for all superstructure and special-purpose vehicle fleets.


To offer our customers from the governmental and private sectors the highest-quality super-structure and special-purpose vehicles; and provide comprehensive, best-in-class repair services and maintenance programs through our service center. 



MIDMAC built its 1,060 sq. m. (11,000 sq. ft.) state-of-the-art service center with one vision in mind: To offer the best-in-class service possible, utilizing the most advanced technology and the highest trained industry technicians, engineers and experts. Equipped with 4 service bays, each at 4.5m x 14m, which can accommodate 8 medium-sized trucks at the same time.

Our service center is equipped to accommodate vehicles ranging from small passenger cars all the way to heavy equipment and commercial trucks. Special attention was given to accommodating special-purpose vehicles, such as ambulances, fire trucks, waste disposal trucks, concrete pumps, and concrete mixers.

MIDMAC Service Center complies with, and often exceeds, all government regulations and international standards, providing our customers with peace of mind and a service that’s second to none.


We invest heavily in systems and technology, which enables us to offer innovative world-class solutions that help our customers tackle tough business problems.

Our automated tools and technologies provide our clients with high-level and granular data on every aspect of their fleet operations. And our exceptional reporting and dashboard alerts help our clients make informed, strategic decisions about their fleets.

All of this allows our clients to have exceptional transparency into their fleet operations which helps keep efficiency high and total cost of ownership low.


We believe in helping our customers implement best practices to manage their fleets effectively. We also recognize that no two fleets are the same.

So we take pride in developing fleet management solutions tailored to clients’ challenges instead of offering one-size-fits-all programs.

We treat each client as a partner and work to understand their business and their goals so we can develop a customized fleet solution based on decades of creative problem-solving experience.


MIDMAC follows your fleet across the land. Where ever your fleet vehicles may be within Jordan, you can rest assured our fully equipped mobile workshop and trained technicians are standing by to provide a timely and efficient service, allowing you to continue your journey with minimal down time.



We pride ourselves on having built solid business relationships over the years with some of the industry’s top leaders in the super-structure and special-purpose vehicles industry. MIDMAC is the official representative for EMS Makina and BIAS Makina, two of the leading manufacturers of customized truck bodies and trailers in Turkey. These strategic partnerships have solidified our core business and created an opportunity for growth.

Featuring next-generation technologies, MIDMAC sets ever-higher standards in the level of the repair and maintenance services it provides. That is why MIDMAC has been chosen as the exclusive certified service center for Carrier Transicold Units in Jordan.

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